Speak It Into Existence

Updated: May 4, 2020

Let's talk about making personal goals and bringing your life to a position you can be excited about. I'm at a point in my mid-twenties where I look at social media and there are people who are doing such bigger and better things than I am but that will never change. There will always be someone you envy but let's not given in to that feeling. Being envious of someone else is pointless.

Think about this. If you were plucked from your life and planted in your favorite influencers' life would you be happy? Maybe. Maybe not. You wouldn't have anyone you know now, but you'd have fame and money. Is it worth it? Hell no! You are you for a reason, and there is endless potential for you no matter what stage you're at in life. So let's stop the envy and get our lives to exactly where we want them to be!

"Speaking into existence" is my favorite thing I've learned and has been my true lifestyle moto since the start of this year. It means that you cut "I Wish" "If" "Maybe" out of your vocabulary, and replace it with "When" and "I Will". Stop saying "I wish I would get that new job I applied for". Speak it into the universe girl! Say "WHEN I get that new job I'm going to boss up my wardrobe and make that money!"

The whole point of doing this is to solidify the confidence you have in yourself subconsciously. When you have true confidence in yourself it will radiate through your entire being and into everything you do. Confidence is seen by everyone around you whether you're aware of it or not. I'm someone who can sense people's overall vibes the moment I meet them. I'm automatically drawn to people who have that outgoing confident personality but that could just be who I am.

Gaining confidence is a whole nother story and I can do another blog post on how to build confidence in yourself. But just a tidbit is to, yes everyone says this, but fake it till you make it. It's so true. People react to what you put in front of them. So if you don't have the confidence you want just yet put on that face and fake it. You'll eventually break through that uncomfortable feeling of standing center stage and interacting with people who intimidate you. It does get easier.

Regardless if you're lacking confidence or not it's still so important to speak your goals into existence. Establishing you're subconscious confidence is such a big part of your overall self-esteem. So just to start, try cutting out "I Hope" and "I Wish" from your vocab and say "I Will". Say with confidence. Speak it into existence!

Love you all. Get to it!

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