How To Grow Your Instagram In Only 25 Minutes A Day

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a little hack with you all that will bring so much success and growth to your Instagram in SUCH a little amount of time per day! Anyone can do it. When it comes to building social media presence, many immediately think or assume that they do not have the time. I'm a strong believer that you have time for the things you're willing to make time on, however, social media can be a full time job! So, let's dive in with some basic daily methods of operation you can implement to grow your presence in only 25 minutes a day or less!

1. Dedicate 10-15 minutes engaging! Engage engage engage.

The power of engaging back to your followers and also engaging on relevant hashtags to your brand is insane. Ever since I implemented a daily strategy where I will comment and like on posts with a related hashtag, I have gained so much more outreach and profile visits. Alongside this, your name is getting out there more often and building your presence!

2. Utilize IG Stories everyday! Whether you post a poll, ask a question, share a mini training, etc..

Instagram stories is where it is at! Take 1-2 minutes and make sure you are posting some sort of content to your IG story daily, this will tremendously help grow your brand presence and get your face out there!

3. Reply back to ALL your comments.

Take a few minutes to make sure you're up to date with comments on your posts, engaging and responding will really build up trust for your community and possibly boost the post out to more people as well.

4. Have an established social media content schedule for your IG.

Having a consistent flow of social media posts on your profile is crucial!! Nobody will want to follow or see value if they notice that you post once a month, whenever you feel like it, etc.. People like consistency. Also, the more you post, the more outreach you will naturally achieve.

5. Reply and react to at least 5 IG Stories a day.

Back to my earlier point to be posting daily on IG story, you will also want to make sure you react / respond to others' IG stories! This opens a door to communication and lets them know you are there watching their content, which many people appreciate.

Those are my top 5 daily hacks for you to grow your Instagram in just 25 minutes or less! I hope this helps you grow your IG without the overwhelm and stress!

Until next time!

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