How to Create your Aesthetic

What is an aesthetic?

Aesthetic is used as a noun or an adjective mainly concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. It is also known to be a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.

1. Who Are You?

Start by asking yourself some simple questions:

-What do you like and dislike?

-Describe your personality. Are you bright, cheery and bubbly? Are you reserved, shy and lack confrontation?

-List some unique things about yourself.

-How do you want people to feel around you?

-List some quotes you love to use as mantras.

2. What are you inspired by?

What things are you drawn to? What do you see in your everyday life and say I Love That!

-Characters, Actors, Artists, Musicians, Influencers?


-Fashion trends and icons?

-Lifestyle trends?

- City, State, Country? every area in the world has a different vibe to it, find one that fits you!

3. Create a board.

Pinterest is a great place to do so! curate some different categories, for instance, Style, Home Decor (You can go into sub-categories as well (fall, winter, spring, summer)), Travel (Make boards for different countries). Have fun with it! Let your imagination kick in! DON'T just go looking for the most trendy items that's not what this is about. This is about putting together a board that REPRESENTS who YOU are. Your aesthetic may evolve and change throughout your life as you grow older but it not going to change all the time as trends do. Now if you are worried about the trend aspect of your own personal aesthetic that is fine but it should not overtake the whole vibe you create. Doing this creates a visual representation of yourself that you can then feed off of for inspiration, look back at it when you go to decorate that new apartment you just signed the lease on, or when you go shopping! It is especially helpful when you want to take an Instagram photo, look at how the picture may be edited or the angle it was taken.

4. Use it!

Holly Calling! Don't be scared to start changing things up! Change is good and necessary. Throw away those pillows that came with your couch and venture out to find new pillows that compliment your aesthetic, donate clothes in your closet that don't truly represent who you are! ( I don't recommend GoodWill but that's a different story) Go buy that pink couch you have always wanted or that sweater from Nordstrom that you have been eyeing for weeks! It's time to let everyone see the real you. Remember to not worry about what is cool, because if we all went by that there would be no diversity or culture.

I hope that this helps you create the aesthetic you have been looking for!

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