How To: Create Viral Stunning Social Media Graphics

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hey everyone! I'm back this week with some tips on how to create stunning viral social media graphics! If you're a digital creator, blogger, biz owner, having eye-catching social media graphics is essential. You want to put out graphics and content that will draw attention and encourage someone to click onto your content, right?

For anyone who is a beginner to creating social media graphics, it can seem intimidating. I know for me as I began creating content and blogging, I felt really overwhelmed and had no clue where to even begin making graphics! There's so many softwares, websites, apps, it's hard to know where to start sometimes.

I'm going to share my one and only tool I use to create social media graphics, it's not a fancy software, it's not a confusing application, it is the most user-friendly website ever! You may or may not have heard of it, I use Canva for all my graphics. That's right, Canva. That's it! Canva is insanely powerful and amazing, not only is the majority of the features free, but it is SO easy to use and navigate.

This is what the main screen will look like once you do make an account for free:

As you can tell, there's design templates so you can click on what you're looking for, and the following page will pull up a bunch of design examples that you can select and customize.

Canva offers such a variety of digital content options from eBooks, Pins for Pinterest, Planners, Calendars, and more!

Top tips to making virtual stunning graphics once you're inside canva..

1. Stick to 2-3 brand colors, don't overuse a bunch of colors and don't underuse.

2. Stick to 2-3 font styles. Same concept as tip number one!

3. Add eye catching elements / icons to make your image stand out.

4. Stay consistent with all your graphics you use, stick with the same styles, colors, and designs.

Examples of my personal graphics I've created that have had major success:

You may notice a pattern among these graphics, I'm sticking to the same colors, fonts, and making the graphic clear / easy to read.

I hope these examples and tips help you get started on creating your own virtual stunning social media graphics! Check out Canva if you have not already!

Until next time!

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