Do I need to list my business on Google?

Yes. Yes. and yes. The first thing people do when researching a business or trying to find one in the industry is to google it. You need to make sure your business is glowing on google and gives your potential customers all they need to know about your business before they decide to call you or write you off.

Getting listed on Google is easier than you may think. All you really need to do is sign up. But this goes hand in hand with your presence on social media. You just to make sure your email, phone number, and hours are all correct and up to date.

You may believe that you can put the personality of your business on google but you'd be sorely mistaken. Now Google My Business allows you to create posts, add photos of your business, and reply back to comments from your customers. Not only can you create updates for holiday closings but you can also share coupons, promotions, and pictures of you with your customers.

Creating a personality around your business is the best way for your customers to get a glimpse of what you do and relate to it. If they like what they see on Google and they have enough information to make a choice to investigate your business further you've done a good job.

Now what to do once you've created your GMB page? Get going on your ad campaign! You can pay for an ad campaign where when people search for say, a digital marketing agency in Charlotte NC, your business will come up first. This way you get more customers, and your business is gaining more exposure. Make sure you use the correct keywords to gain the most exposure for your business.

Now, I would really recommend adding photos of your business to your GMB profile! Adding a photo of the front of your business so people can find your business easily! Adding a photo of the inside of your business as your cover photo can be helpful if the inside of your business illustrates your brand.

Next whatever your business is add photos to your profile! Add photos of your products like for us, we added photos of the social posts we've created for our clients that have been published.

The most helpful thing you can do is add your products and services to your GMB page! This is all showing your potential customers a glimpse of your business. They have many options when searching for a business online so the more information you can give about your business the better! By adding products and services they can gauge your price range, and always to market research to keep your pricing competitive!

If you have any questions feel free to email us! Want some help setting up your Google My Business we can set up your page completely for $299! Click here for more information!

Ta ta for now!

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