Are Reaching Your Target Audience?

Let's start by asking a question? Who is your target audience? In this article we'll go over examples of different elements of your target market, and how to narrow them down. We'll also go over how to specifically target your market if you already know who you're targeting.

Establishing your target audience is one of the first steps when creating a business. If you're a little unsure on who you should be targeting, start by asking yourself who you think is most likely to buy your product? For the purpose of providing examples, I'll use a wedding venue as an example.

So, who is likely to search for wedding venues on google? People getting married. That may be simple but apply it to your own business as we continue. If you're targeting people getting married do market research on the average age of people getting married in your city. If the average age of people getting married is 18-35 focus on that age for your demographic.

Now, this is a stereotype, but it often helps with generalizing your target audience before narrowing it down. Who does most of the planning for weddings without a wedding planning agency? Usually, the bride, again doesn't get upset we love a man who's good at planning but we'll focus on weddings where the man took a backseat for the planning element.

Age and gender play a huge role in reaching your target demographic. What platform are you utilizing? Facebook tends to be an older demographic but I would advise every business to have a presence on at least Facebook and Instagram. If you have an informational based business that can relate to your audience through conversation check out Twitter and Tik Tok. When creating Facebook ads you can adjust almost any target demographic so if you're looking for women age 18-35 you can get your ad in front of the eyes that will produce the most amount of clicks.

Now let's focus on your target audience's income. This should be relatively tied to your price point. Are you selling a luxury product or a household product? Will your customers be purchasing this every week or once? If you're selling a service keep your price point geared to the biggest group of people you're likely to target and leave enough room for cash flow hiccups.

If know exactly who you'e looking to target then again to market research on what platforms your audience is on and at what times. There is tons of information about every target audience that's continually being updated, and I don't want to bog down this blog post with information on every audience.

Now, creating content for you audience! I like to go on business pages similar to my clients, at least 15 or 20 to research whats working for these business. Please do not copy content from other creatives. This is stealing and re-purposing the information without proper credit is unethical.

Ask these questions:

What are their audience responding to the most?

Is their platform dynamic?

What types of content aren't working for them?

How can I make better content?

What are they lacking?

These questions will allow you to create content that is better than your competitors, and help you brainstorm things to bump your business up in the search ratings. It's important to not copy what's already out there because why would someone follow you if you're giving the same information as everyone else? You need to bring something new to the table!

I always tell my clients we need to keep our feed dynamic and this should be a little different for each platform. Even though you're targeting the same people on each platform the content I post on Instagram isn't the exact same as the content posted on Facebook. For example we don't post wordy ads on Instagram but include this in the copy or as a disclaimer at the bottom of our Facebook posts. People often spend less time reading on Instagram and your message can get lost because it's a highly visual platform. Keep that in mind when creating paid advertising on different platforms!

Paid advertising is a whole other ballgame I'll get into in my next post! Leave any questions below and I'll be sure to answer them!

Thanks for reading loves,

Ta Ta

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