Apps Every Blogger Needs

Blogging On The Go

I get inspiration for blog posts literally everywhere and I use the Wix app to start blog posts before I can sit down and add all the pictures. I also use the notes on my phone but if I have an idea and want to write down a long piece of text this is an amazing option! Depending on what site you have your blog under I would download any of these apps. Keep in mind the Wix app doesn't let you see your actual site dashboard or edit your site.

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • WordPress

  • Bloglovin'

  • Blogger

Instagram planning

Instagram is a huge part of marketing yourself if you're a blogger so these apps are good for seeing your upcoming posts and planning out your feed. I personally love Planoly but keep in mind that it has paid feature that doesn't allow you to post more than 30 posts per month.

  • Planoly

  • Hootsuite


If you use photos on your blog and or create thumbnails for your blog banners I would recommend Canva! I use Canva for literally everything blog related. I can't say more good things about it.

  • Over

  • Canva

Making Money

If you use Google Analytics on your blog I would recommend having google analytics downloaded so you can see how many blog viewers you get and it can be fun as you watch your blog grow. Having google AdSense on your phone is also important to see how much money your earning and tracking your blog's earning potential.

  • Google Analytics

  • Google AdSense

Social Media Platforms

To be able to market yourself on social media platforms you need to have all your social media apps connected. I use Pinterest to get inspired and also get content for our Instagram. Honestly after starting my blog I'm on Pinterest more than any other app. It's also the biggest marketing app for blogs so if you're looking to get your blog our there teach yourself how to create Pinterest graphics using Canva and get advertising!

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

None of the apps mentions are sponsored.

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