80+ Instagram Hashtags That Will Explode Your Following

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hello hello! I'm back this week with another blog post focused on Instagram! I want to talk a bit more about hashtags, specifically. A lot of people have a different opinion on the usage of hashtags, I believe it's essential to increase your profile outreach and connections to use hashtags. Here's where many fail at using them... they aren't using the RIGHT hashtags!

You're probably wondering, okay, so what are the right hashtags? Great question and I'm going to breakdown 80+ great hashtags you can use depending on your niche! The goal with hashtags is to get specific and focused. For example, if you use a broad hashtag such as "Fashion", you will get lost in the feed of other Fashion pictures that are being posted each second. By using such general hashtags, you are decreasing the likeliness of being noticed. However, if you niche down and get specific, you increase those chances greatly!

With that being said, here's some great hashtags to utilize dependent on your niche / category. I hope you find this useful!

General Blogging: 





Motherhood & Parenting:



Until next time!

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