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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Hi everyone!! I am so excited to be bringing you guys weekly content on all things social media / digital marketing. It's no secret that social media is a growing world filled with so many opportunities. We literally have access to anything, anytime, anywhere. With that being said, Instagram is one of the biggest platforms out there, having over 26 MILLION users. That's crazy! If you're not on Instagram right now, you NEED to get on it and you need to build your presence.

I'm going to break down 5 simple ways you can ensure that you will boost your Instagram engagement and really focus in on connecting to your audience. The best way to get the most out of Instagram and gain opportunities whether that be growing your business, landing sponsorships, or simply growing a brand presence, is having an engaged audience! Let's dive in!

1. Take out 15-30 minutes each day to engage with others!

Sounds like common sense right? This truly does make a difference to the engagement you will get back! Sometimes I admit I’m not the best at this, I get so caught up in planning content and posting, that I forget I have followers who also post content that I should be supporting! I like to take a bit of time each afternoon and each evening before bed to do this, I’ll simply spend a few minutes going down my feed and liking / commenting on my followers. Then, I will go search up a popular hashtag related to my content such as… #lifestyleblogger and then repeat the same process! Try this for a few days, you’ll notice a difference I promise!

2. Post an engaging Instagram story EVERY DAY!

Something I’ve noticed with the Instagram algorithm is that the more people who click and view your content, the more often they will continue seeing your content. An easy way to get your audience continuing to see YOU is using Instagram Stories! Many people hop on Instagram just to scroll through a bunch of stories, so this is definitely a place you want to be constantly appearing. I like to post polls as often as I can, the more engaging the better. The poll could be about anything – which hair color is better.. which outfit is better.. etc. I also like to share on my Instagram Story whenever I have a brand new post, that way my followers know to click my profile, see my post, in other words.. Engage!

3. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags!

I can’t emphasize this enough! You do hear it everywhere, everyone is always saying, “Use Hashtags!” but do we all truly take advantage of them as much as we should? I notice an increase of engagement depending on the hashtags I use, you have to be really clever here! My best tip is to be as specific as you can be in your hashtags, avoid general ones like… “Fashion”, “Clothes”, “Blog”.. are too broad. Get more specific! What kind of fashion? What kind of blog? I like to use the website All-Hashtag to generate ideas for me!


I just recently got my crap together and developed a routine with my Instagram! Don’t feel bad if you also lack consistency, it’s tough! I think it’s something we all fall off once in a while with, but understand to have an engaged audience, you have to prove consistent with your content. You have to let people know who you are, and what you’re about! If all your followers see is one post a month, they may not even see it appear on their feed since you have such low activity! I try to post at LEAST every other day, if not every day. I would recommend starting out a minimum of 3 posts a week.

5. Join a Comment / Liking group chat!

I know that this kind of idea has gotten some controversy, but to be totally blunt, I have never noticed any issues by participating in a group chat where like-minded people support each-others’ posts! In fact, I find it insanely helpful. You can find these by searching around Instagram, Twitter, or even googling it! Every time you post, you’ll just notify the group chat and everybody will return comments/likes. This helps my post get more outreach and more publicity, I highly recommend joining one!

Those are my top 5 essentials ways to really boost your Instagram Engagement guys! I really hope this helps and you can put these tips into action.

Until next time!

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