Influencer Marketing 

Filming a Video

Influencer Marketing is our favorite. 

By sharing your products and services with influencers on Instagram and other platforms you are unlocking a target market that is obsessed with what that person likes.


People will buy what these Instagram influencers post just because they like or envy the person, but once they experience these stellar products the chain of word of mouth spreads like rapid fire.  

We Take Care Of: 

+ Finding influencers in your target market

+ Reaching out and negotiating partnerships

+ Getting their orders sent out via Shopify

+ Managing individual influencer discount codes 

+ Helping with content strategy after delivery 

+ Tracking sales and engagement 

Leave the influencers to us and watch your business grow. 


You pay the influencer, we take a small fee. 

For unpaid products or service exchange marketing there is a connection fee per influencer campaign.

All pricing is negotiated and agreed upon before influencer marketing contract is signed. 

Platforms include: 

TikTok & Instagram & Youtube

Don't see your platform? Contact us!