Meet The Team

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Bre Thornton


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Hi, guys, I'm Bre! I'm a freelance digital marketing specialist and graphic designer. I have a degree in Design Management with a minor in Marketing from the University of North Texas. I'm dog-obsessed, online shopping enthused, and coffee addicted. 


Whitley Smith 

Branding Specialist

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Hi, my name is Whitley! I'm a branding specialist. I have a dual degree in Fashion Merchandising and Digital Retailing with a minor in Business from the University of North Texas. I love reality TV, happy hour and creating custom shoe designs in my spare time!  






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Hi, my name is Kristin! I'm a blog writer for Holly Calling! I'm a pursuing a degree in Art and Design with a minor in Marketing.  I love interior design, dogs and a large glass of wine! 


Chelsea Hodges 



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Hey I’m Chelsea! I’m a marketing intern for Holly Calling. I’ve been in the blogging and social media world for over 4 years now. I’ve successfully built and grown my own blog/social media presence, as well as helped other companies do the same. I’m a dog lover, coffee addict and love to create! 

Image by Ian Schneider